Bay to Breakers Liquor Store Map 2010

It's back for 2010!

Here it is, lovelies… your 2010 fully updated and annotated Liquor Store Locator Map for the 99th Bay to Breakers.

I am sure I am not alone in having experienced the sheer hell of being well-deep in the thick of one’s Bay to Breakers run and not being able to find a liquor store for blocks, even miles. At that point you know you’re not the only one running low on your stash or supply… there is a palpable sense of anxiety building among the crowd that fewer and fewer people possess a dwindling, finite number smokes, beers, and liquor beverages until the next far-off corner market. Golden Gate Park is especially high risk in this regard. Once again I fight this syndrome by equipping you, my drunken comrades, with the advance warning system of a Bay to Breakers Liquor Store Survival Map. Each liquor store occurring along the route is duly noted and numbered, with its name and cross-street detailed in the text below. Hope this helps!

Your 2010 Liquor Store Map! Click for full size.

Both the starting and finishing stretches of the Bay to Breakers race course are badly barren of liquor stores, but with a healthy abundant patch basically on Hayes Hill and in Western Addition. There are actually no more liquor stores along the course after the New Star-Ell at Divisadero and Fell. You are already entering the Threshold of Despair! It also happens to be just shy of the halfway point also, so it really makes sense to stock up there.

Once you’re in Golden Gate Golden Gate Park and feel you need to break from the race to buy booze, you really want to have a strategy to get to a certain liquor store of which you actually know the location. Do not just leave your friends and wander and figure you’ll see one. They are really rare out here. Oh, and you know what else is hard to find? AT&T reception.

If you’re at or before the Conservatory of Flowers, best advised to break North to Arguello and Balboa for beer runs and such. Once you get to DeYoung territory, you’re going to instead want to break south for Irving and Judah options. Generally speaking, the Sunset is more favorable for liquor store options and the Richmond way bleaker.

The 19th Street option is your last genuinely good option before the Safeway on LaPlaya at the end — but getting off the race course path and up on to 19th Avenue passing overhead requires navigating through a crazy, challenging little forest trail. You have to really want your alcohol to be doing that. Once you’re past the Race Photo station and Footstock turn-off, any attempt to go off course and get booze or cigarettes and then try to find your friends again will surely take longer than just gutting it out and finishing the race course. Even if you’re just walking. You’re almost at Mile Six. Beach Chalet will be having a rocking after-party where you all can at least get a drink, regroup, and figure out where it goes from there.

Each liquor store occurring on the race course that will actually be open Sunday is morning is marked on the map with a number, corresponding to the list below. Beware that some of them are labeled as False Hope — places which are not yet open, or do not sell alcohol.

1 – The Gold Club – False Hope! – (Howard & New Montgomery) They’re totally not open until 7pm tonight. They shouldn’t even be on this map! I just know that when you walk by, you can’t resist woot-wootin’ and hollerin’.
2 – Yerba Buena Market – (Howard & Sixth) FINALLY! Your first open liquor store on the race course! Expect to wait in line.
3 -The Chevron/Andretti Speed Mart/Burger King/Starbucks Blight – False Hope! – (Howard & Ninth) You can see it coming from far away, and it really looks like it should have beer! But you get there, and it doesn’t. Happens to lots of good people every year. Useful only for cigarettes and their dynamite array of blinky toys.
4 – Go Go Market – (Mission & Ninth) Only the course’s second liquor store open on a Sunday morning, and we’re already nearing the two-mile mark. Shocking, huh? They’ve been open since 6.
5 – Civic Center Market – False Hope! – (Market & Larkin) You won’t find them open unless you’re already trailing the race by a solid hour.
6 – Anna’s Market – False Hope! – (Hayes & Gough) Also does not open until 10 a.m. If you’re running, or even managing to walk forward, you’re long gone by then.
7 – Nabila’s – (Hayes & Laguna) This is your last one before heading up Hayes Hill.
8 – Haye’s Market – (Hayes & Buchanan) Now there’s a liquor store every other block.
9 – H&W Market – (Hayes & Webster) Now there’s one on every block and it’s like an embarassment of riches.
10 – Tim’s Market – (Hayes & Fillmore) Now you’re on a block that has two.
11 – In & Out Market – (Hayes & Fillmore) This being the other one.
12 – Divisadero Farmer’s Market – (Hayes & Divisadero) Runners will have just completed Hayes Hill, so it’s surely Miller Time.
13 – New Star-Ell Liquor -(Fell & Divisadero) This is actually the last liquor store directly along the race course route. That’s just astonishing to me. There are still more than four and a half miles left!
14 – Faletti Foods – (Broderick & Fell)
15 – Nimer’s – (Fulton & Lyon)
16 – Parkside Market (Hayes & Lyon)
17 – Home Service Market – (Hayes & Central)
18 – Fulton Food Shop – (Fulton & Mason)
19 – Deli Plus – (Hayes & Ashbury)
20 – Cindy’s Market – (Hayes & Cole)
21 – Lucky – (Fulton & Masonic) I’m recommending you skip off the course in the middle of The Panhandle (at Masonic) and venture up to the Lucky Supermarket at Fulton St. You should seriously stock up here. You’re about to enter Golden Gate Park. Any veering off the race course to buy booze once you’re in that open, pastoral park will involve a 20-minute minimum round trip, and who knows if you’ll even find your people again. You should buy however much here you think you need to finish the race, and devise some way to carry it all.
22 – Parkview Market – (Frederick & Stanyan) Now you’re in Golden Gate Park, and you’re heading way out of your way. Can you make it to 8th Ave.? It’s a much shorter time investment.
23 – Safeway – (7th Ave. & Cabrillo) This is THE easiest way to get liquor once you’re in Golden Gate Park! Just turn left out of the park at 8th Avenue.
24 – 828 Irving Market – (9th Ave. & Irving) You really should just turn around and go back to Safeway, but if you feel the need to be making forward progress there will now be a string of liquor stores in the Sunset.
25 – Sun Valley Market – (10th Ave. & Irving) Can you make it to 19th Avenue? You should really try instead of doing this. This involves cutting off the race course at the DeYoung Museum, picking up MLK Drive and taking that down to until it turns into 9th Ave., and then cutting up to 10th. The 19th Ave. option involves a lot less extracurricular travel. This is way more trouble than it’s worth, but you do have the option
26 – Eddy’s Discount Liquor – (11th Ave. & Irving) See above, add one block of pointless extra travel.
27 – Andronico’s – (Funston & Irving) There are some serious bull in a china shop possibilities here for you all hammered-ass drunks in this high-end gourmet grocery store. They have beer and wine.
28 – Arguello Market – (Cabrillo & Arguello)
29 – Balboa Bi-Rite Market – (26th & Balboa)
30 – Balboa Liquor & Deli – (36th & Balboa)
31 – Balboa Produce Market – (37th & Balboa)
32 – Richmond Market – (41st & Balboa)
33 – Freddy’s Ocean Beach Deli – (LaPlaya & Balboa)
34 – Europa Express – (LaPlaya & Balboa)
35 – Better Food Market – (32nd Ave. & Balboa)
36 – Safeway – (LaPlaya & Fulton) – You should just finish the race and then come here. You have, like, four more blocks!
37 – 9th Avenue Liquors – (Judah & 9th)
38 – Al’s Market – (Irving & 9th)
39 -The 19th Avenue & JFK Drive Non-Intersection – (19th Ave. & JFK Drive) It’s right at the waterfall! The oasis of available cigarettes, beer, and liquor for which you are currently so jonesing is only blocks away! But these streets do not intersect, you need to be going south on 19th Ave. which is the overpass going above you. There is no walkway. You need to dash into a well-worn trail to the immediate left right before the overpass (yes, you are now on a dirt trail) and take that up to the Boating & Refreshments cabin. Take a right onto their driveway, and then there’s a paved path to the immediate right which will take you down to 19th Ave. That takes you smack dab into civilization. 19th Avenue is also technically Highway 1 at this point… how ’bout that? Do the reverse of this process to return to the race with your hard-earned haul.
40 – Handy – (19th Ave. & Irving) Last chance for liquor until 25th Avenue! And do you know for sure you’re even going to make it that far?
41 – Sunset Super – (25th Ave. & Irving) If you somehow miss the turn-off at 19th and manage to make it through all the heavy brush and chain link fences, there’s another beer-only option a little further down the Sunset. They have regular domestic beer — but every single grocery there otherwise is full-on Chinese. It’s all Pocky and sea animal-flavored fried chip snacks. On the plus side, you can score rice wine and Chinese liquor.
42 – Judah Mini Market – (Judah & 28th)
43 – Sunset Strip Liquors – (Judah & 31st)
44 – Charlie’s Market – (41st & Irving)
45 – Your Market, My Deli – (48th & Kirkham)
46 – Beach Chalet – (Fulton & Great Highway) A great place to regroup once you’ve finished the race is the Beach Chalet and it’s notorious after-party. They’ll have no cover, Bay to Breakers drink specials, and live music from Manicato. Let your people come together and devise further party plans after you’ve all finished the race.
47 – Western Sunset Market – (46th Ave. & Judah) This one has liquor! This is your Finish Line-area liquor store with liquor!
48 – 7-11 – (46th Ave. & Judah) This one does not have liquor. It is a 7-11. It has beer and cigarettes.
49 – 76 Food Mart – False Hope! – (Lincoln & La Playa) Yes, that big orange 76 will look awfully alluring. But they don’t have beer, just snacks and cigarettes!

A full size of that graphic good for printing is available by clicking on the map.

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