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BREAKING: Alamo Square Park to be gated off for Bay to Breakers 2014

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A blue-ribbon commission has ended the party atop Hayes Hill.

A blue-ribbon commission has ended the party atop Hayes Hill.

It’s pretty rare when city officials’ attempts to crack down on Bay to Breakers revelry results in any actual cracking down upon, but this appears to be one of those years.

According to an announcement on the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association website, the southern half our beloved Alamo Square Park area atop Hayes Hill will be closed, gated off and locked for the duration of the Bay to Breakers 2014 race. This area has always served as an enormously sloppy impromptu “party zone” after racers have finished running Hayes Hill. The change comes not at the request of a neighborhood group or the race organizers, but straight from the SFPD.

Chief Greg Suhr told the SF Chronicle that “the community had a lot of concerns over drinking, urination, defecation and confrontations with people who didn’t have anything to do with the race.” The gates will stay up this whole weekend, and they will be fully locked during the race on Sunday morning.

Not everyone will applaud this move.

Not everyone will applaud this move.

Yes, they’re going to lock them because they figure some of you will try to hop the gates anyway. That is just hilarious.

This tactic has historically worked well in clamping down on the race day monkeyshines in the Panhandle. Since 2012, gates have been erected on the perimeter of the Panhandle park and the front of houses along Fell Street. The Panhandle park is then reopened after the race to serve as a replacement for the now-defunct Footstock post-race party, because apparently the SFPD would prefer our drunken asses have one central place to congregate.

The SFPD also claims they are beefing up security with 20% more officers on patrol during the race. I wouldn’t be too concerned about that threat. But I do imagine that gating off Alamo Square Park will successfully eliminate the annual party taking place at the top of the hill.

Thereby driving you to the insane house parties on Hayes Hill.